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We are very active in the lives of the Goldens in our house as well as those pups that we have bred that are living with their new families, but we have no breeding plans at this time. Check back with us in 2016. If you have any questions about the breed, finding a responsible breeder, or need a referral, drop us a line!

These pages have been created out of love, passion and dedication for the Golden Retriever breed.  
Frantone Golden Retrievers is located in the Richmond metro area of central Virginia. Our dogs are active in Conformation events (dog shows) in both the USA & Canada.  The Goldens are our personal companions first and foremost and show dogs second; as “family dogs,” they enjoy car rides and trips to Starbucks, lounge on the couch in front of the TV, and are a huge part of our every day lives.  I also believe in the importance of the human/animal bond and promote activities that enrich the lives of my dogs through learning and the variety of experience. The dogs in my household enjoy everything from agility and obedience to hiking and swimming in the area’s rivers and lakes (i.e. just being dogs!). I am also a positive-reinforcement trainer by profession and a member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers (APDT). 
As members in good standing of The Golden Retriever Club of America and Florida Gulf Coast Golden Retriever Club, we adhere to the COE (code of ethics) set forth as a guide for breeders.  All of the dogs we breed [or breed to] obtain all of the clearances recommended by the GRCA (Golden Retriever Club of America) including but not limited to, OFA (Orthopedic Foundation for Animals) cleared hips, elbows and hearts, as well as yearly CERF (eye) clearances. Extensive research is performed into the health of the pedigrees to reduce risk of genetic disease and undesired social behavior. 
Frantone Goldens is home-based kennel, established by Dana Hutchins in 2008.  I am hobby breeder with a small breeding program, with the goal of producing dogs that conform to the breed standard in temperament and structure.   I am proud to have established my breeding program under the mentorship of respected breeder Jackie Morasco of Steadmor Goldens, with whom I co-bred the first Frantone litter out of Steadmor’s Miss Francey Pants.  And because few Goldens breeders are without the advice and support of a wonderful network of their peers, I extend my great appreciation and respect to Jackie for her support and friendship, as well as Julie Kielts of Questan Goldens, and a cherished group of friends (breeders and exhibitors) in the world of Goldens, some of which are listed on the Links page of this site. 

Dana inherited a love of dogs and all animals from her grandmother, who was a breeder of Elkhounds and an accomplished artist, poet and musician, whose work was often inspired by the many animals she cared for.  Dana’s own love of music is shared with her dogs, for whom she has composed numerous ”theme” songs, and who know how to retrieve many toys by “song” rather than word command. Dana’s passion for the Golden Retriever breed began with the adoption of her first Golden puppy from Steadmor Golden Retrievers.  We are proud to have two Steadmor dogs in the family today: Our first boy, Hattan, and his sister Francey, who is beginning the foundation of our musically themed kennel, Frantone Golden Retrievers.  “Frantone” comes from the name of our foundation bitch, “FRANcey,” and the musical “Tone” that is a big part of our everyday lives. 


Support Rescue!

We also support rescue and encourage prospective pet families to consider the alternative of adopting one of the many wonderful Golden Retrievers in the care of rescue organizations who are looking for loving “forever” homes. Sadly, most rescued Goldens are not given up because of behavioral issues or other ‘defects,’ but because they have lived in poor home environments or for some reason their owners could no longer care for them.  An adult dog can be easier to transition into your home than a puppy, and a rescued Golden matched with the right person or family can be a match made in heaven.
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